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Cloud stocks

Plus, according to Koyfin’s surveys, four analysts rate this stock a Strong Buy, seven a Buy, 11 a Hold and only one a Strong Sell. To visualize the internet cloud, think of warehouse-sized data centers packed with computer servers and data storage systems. The company’s total revenue in the full year 2020 came in at $2.92 billion, an 86% increase from the previous year. My thesis originally surrounded the idea that Dropbox was the winning independent file/content sharing and collaboration platform that could potentially aggregate the increasing number of third-party work applications. This would create a neutral hub/platform for knowledge workers to manage their content and workflows.

Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy, and whether or not its resolve to raise rates will lead to a “hard landing” (aka a recession). This worry spilled over into the corporate world, and many businesses are tightening their spending budgets. None of these stocks is cheap, though they are trading at a significant discount to their recent highs.


Since the fund launched in early 2019, GlobalX’s cloud ETF has outperformed First Trust’s offering due to its more narrow focus on just 33 stocks, most of which are software companies. The fund is smaller, with less than $2 billion in assets under management. Zoom made a splash in the summer of 2021 when it announced its intention to acquire corporate contact center specialist Five9 (FIVN -6.09%). The deal was voted down by Five9 shareholders, but Zoom nonetheless announced its own product on this front and called it Video Engagement Center.

  • It also grew revenues 13% year-over-year in the June quarter, to $38 billion, and earnings of $1.46 per share, while off YoY, were better than what analysts expected.
  • It was a rough end to 2021 for Creative Cloud parent Adobe (ADBE, $510.83), which fell more than 10% after its Dec. 15 fiscal fourth-quarter earnings report.
  • Overall, the category is slowing down sequentially (a rather drastic) 83% for Q1 guides compared to the previous year – from an average of 12% QoQ last year to 2% QoQ growth this year.
  • Continuing claims, or the number of people already collecting unemployment benefits, decreased by 8,000, largely unchanged at a total of 1.79 million.

Cloud computing is also closely tied to other tech developments such as mobile 5G networks, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. By the end of the decade, some estimates put total annual global cloud spending at $1 trillion. Cloud computing stocks are a top investment theme for 2021 and the decade ahead. Anaplan’s revenue in the full year 2020 came in at $348 million, up 45% year-over-year. Coatue Management is one of the top hedge funds having positions in PLAN with 8.4 million shares, worth $607 million.

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Today, cloud computing is a $445.3 billion industry, according to market data firm ReportLinker. And when it comes to an industry of that size, it’s no surprise many investors are looking to get exposure to it via cloud stocks. Cloud computing is a rapidly growing industry that is transforming the way businesses and consumers access and use digital services. By leveraging cloud computing, businesses can achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and efficiency compared to traditional IT solutions.

So on the AWS growth rate, I’m not sure I can forecast for you with any level of certainty what is going to happen beyond this quarter. And as we mentioned, there’s some unique things going on with the customer base that I think many in this industry are all seeing the same thing. When there’s evidence of a deceleration, analysts will typically ask the management teams to elaborate on the call with the idea of identifying how much more deceleration may be reported in the future and for how long. Often times, identifying one or two strong companies in a category and patiently waiting can pay off, as the cloud category will put downward pressure on the stock price, including the outliers. Our goal is to buy the outlier(s) after they’ve been unduly penalized.


At Fastly’s core is Varnish, an open-source web application accelerator that tracks the location of users, then makes certain they’re connected to the nearest server with the data they need. This makes it especially valuable for companies hosting streams or video conferences. Deutsche Bank’s Taylor McGinnis (Buy) believes the company can continue to expand its sales at more than 30% each year.

Others assure that the speed and reliability of the cloud is maintained, from hyperscale data centers to phones, TVs and PCs. In other words, DOCN is one of the best cloud stocks for investors to keep watch in 2022. CEO Sundar Pichai highlights three reasons why momentum in cloud is likely to continue in 2022 and beyond. These include the company’s leadership in real-time data, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI); an open, scalable infrastructure; and Google’s ability to protect data against the rise in cybersecurity threats. As for that guidance, Adobe expects fiscal first-quarter revenue of roughly $4.2 billion and fiscal 2022 revenue of around $17.9 billion – both higher on a year-over-year basis. Plus, CFRA Research analyst John Freeman, who maintained a Strong Buy on the stock after earnings, said “management tends to be particularly conservative when giving initial guidance for an upcoming year.”


In Europe alone, the number of installs was 124.7 million, up 2,670% compared to 2019. The company recently announced a partnership with one of the highest class auto racing cars worldwide, Formula One, to deliver communication services during the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Ranking 13th in our list of 14 best cloud computing stocks to invest in is one of the most valuable computer firms worldwide, International Business Machines, Corp.

Cloud stocks

Speaking of aggressive business investors, cloud software provider Salesforce has often been criticized for its serial acquisitions over the years. Many of these purchases (usually of small peers it can bolt onto its own platform) are paid for in new stock, which dilutes ownership of existing shareholders. Cloud stocks Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley initiated TWLO at Buy at the end of May, saying that Twilio “has proven resilient” amid the pandemic. It has established itself as the leading CPaaS brand and is successfully aiming at large enterprises that were not previously using cloud computing.

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That’s right, Nvidia the video game semiconductor company is now also a cloud stock. I’m not just talking about its GeForce Now game streaming service either (which, by the way, has one less competitor now that Alphabet has shuttered its Stadia video game offering). The angst on Wall Street is reaching a fever pitch as investors fret over the U.S.

Why Cloud Stocks Like Atlassian and MongoDB Had an Awful Friday – The Motley Fool

Why Cloud Stocks Like Atlassian and MongoDB Had an Awful Friday.

Posted: Fri, 28 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In the company’s fiscal fourth quarter, HPE’s GreenLake orders were up 46% year-over-year (YoY) and its as-a-service annualized revenue run-rate (ARR) rose 36% from the year prior. Most IT investments are made by large organizations, yet small businesses still make up about half of the global economy’s production. However, most are far behind the curve in making needed digital transformation. That’s where DigitalOcean comes in, providing a full range of affordable services to help these small companies find their way in a new era.

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